The Preparatory Committee of the Congolese dialogue concluded its work. The contours and the timing of the dialogue are now known. So, is it established that compelling forum should start at the beginning of this September. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the taste of the dialogue could be given on Thursday, September 1, 2016. For how long?

Congolese Dialogue

The road map adopted on Saturday, August 27, talks about a fortnight. The Facilitator has, however, margins of power, to reasonably extend the timing, if necessary. The progress of the site has not been fixed in advance. On the agenda, the dialogue will primarily deal with the issues related to the thorny issue of the electoral and political crisis. So the dialogue process has finally left the station.

Congolese Dialogue

But the question of Inclusiveness remains worrying. For the hardliners Rally consists of UDPS, the G7, the Alliance for the Republic, AR, and the dynamics of the Opposition, not to mention, of course, Bemba’s MLC, are still out -thu. Facing the issues of the day, what agreement can come out of this meeting? A transition? If so, in what format? Furthermore, without effective inclusiveness, exercised options can they really handle things or they will generate more tension in the political arena? These questions, whether taken together or separately, and think that stir the spirits. Anyway, the cap is put on the dialogue under the facilitation of Kodjo and the blessing of the international community.

Announced today, the closing of the Preparatory Committee’s work has, rather, took place on Saturday 27th August. The official ceremony is always held at the Hotel Beatrice where the work took place over four days. Ambassadors and other distinguished guests were, on this occasion, added to the representatives of the majority, the opposition and civil society who participated in the preparatory committee. Four speeches punctuated the end of work. All three components mentioned. And ultimately Facilitator Edem Kodjo welcomed the fact that the ice of mistrust are broken. The series of speeches began, just after the official signing of the road map that details the way, the dialogue base matrix.


It is indeed in Kinshasa, capital of DR. Congo’s going to hold. Nearly 200 people will participate. 68 for the majority, 68 for the opposition, 39 and 25 Civil Society on behalf of the guests invited by the Facilitator. All will have the immunities of what they will do or say during the work. substantive issues related in particular to the electoral process, will be treated in accordance with the Constitution of DRC- Congolese and the recommendations of the 2277 resolution.

To ensure efficiency, the forum will be managed four levels, each with a specific mission. This is, first, to the plenary, which will gather all the delegates for the validation of options. Secondly, facilitation consists of the facilitator, group support, technical secretariat and thematic commissions. Third, the office compound of the facilitator assisted by a co-moderator of the Majority, a co-moderator of the Opposition. They will each respectively an assistant. Then, a Rapporteur and his Deputy who themselves will come from civil society. A code of conduct will guide participants. The political agreement which has been reached will normally accompanied by some mechanisms of its implementation and monitoring.

Satisfied Majority

Nehemiah Mwilanya, Chief of Staff of President Joseph Kabila, was in charge of signing on behalf of the majority, the road map. He argued, substantially, the prospect of dialogue is in line with the will of the Head of State but also in the strength that have the Congolese to overcome the challenges, when put together, for some the best interests of the nation triumph. Hence, his political family promises to go to the end, according to the Presidential Order to convene the dialogue.

Specifications of the Opposition

Jean-Lucien Bussa has, meanwhile, delivered a range of concerns taking in one way or another, the specifications of the claims of the opposition. “It is critical to address the issue of organizing elections in compliance with the Constitution. The deadlines are approaching. Thus, it must be done at the earliest, before the first date to issue, on 19 September. The Opposition is adamant, respect for the Constitution, “he insisted. The Opposition would also like the issue prior to be fully resolved, now, to appease the spirits and encourage Inclusiveness by the arrival of other accomplices still absent from these talks. Sources close to the Facilitation suggested that consultations are still in place to grow the power to meet the prerequisites of the opposition further. Similarly they continue, in reverse, for ultimately the participation of the forces of the opposition coagulated, so far, around Tshisekedi. The goal, in this, is the board, regardless of the price, in the dialogue vessel.