Last   week, was certainly busy for the Rally of Change in the Democratic Republic of Congo- for Franck Diongo Shamba, the Acting President for that change. Was received by facilitating support group, this platform supports the candidacy of Moses Katumbi in the next presidential election, was this time, received by the Catholic Church, National Episcopal Conference of Congo, acronym CENCO.

Franck Diongo Shamba

It was Friday, August 12, 2016 at the headquarters of the Catholic institution, located in the commune of Gombe in Kinshasa. Driving in these consultations by the radical Franck Diongo Shamba, the mix for the Republic remained unaffected. Trade with the Catholics have had no impact on its position on the political situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the support group, the First Vice-President for political, security and election of RA, reaffirmed the positions of the Rally, platform of the unity of the opposition led by Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, on issues taking time. The mix for the Republic remains the hardliners of the Congolese opposition. He thinks that compliance with the Constitution is not negotiable.


Once again, the imperturbable Franck Diongo, National MP, led the delegation of the mix for the Republic, in his capacity as First Vice President. The platform of the opposition traded for over an hour with the Catholic prelates, the headquarters of the CENCO, located in the commune of Gombe. Remember, CENCO consult the Congolese political class to find solutions to the problems of the country. Emerging from the meeting, the delegation of the mix for the Republic welcomed the initiative of Catholics in that they work for the interest of the Congolese people. In the same vein, he confirmed and even supported the position of the Rally, including the AR is a member, in particular with regard to the dialogue, the electoral process and, above all, respect for the Constitution. All shelf on dialogue, organizing elections within the constitutional deadline, were strongly supported. So there is no contradiction from the point of view of the Rally.


“We have come to accept the invitation of our spiritual fathers. We began by congratulating and thanking them as fathers of the church level, to be able to look at the situation of the country for their contribution. They asked questions, they wanted to listen in to help unblock the electoral process in Congo. We gave our views, they will continue the consultations and will give the conclusion at the end of this process. We believe that respect for the Constitution calls for no debate and above all, it is not negotiable, “said insistently Franck Diongo Shamba.

The unity of the opposition

Turning to the question relating to the unity of the opposition, Franck Diongo think the situation is serious, and we must certainly unite forces for the sake of democracy. It is with this position he reiterated the position of the Rally. “As to what concerns us, our ‘AR’ platform is a member of the Rally. We reiterate all positions of the Rally, including the irrevocable challenge Facilitator. Nevertheless, we are always available for a dialogue that will bring solutions to the problems of the country, renewing our prerequisites. And the legal framework can only be that the 2277 resolution, here in summary, what we have said, “he said.

Concrete proposals

CENCO received by the mix for the Republic has not only confirmed the position of the Rally. She also made concrete proposals to allow the easing of the situation in the country. Pressing his argument, the Head of the delegation, Hon Franck Diongo spoke in these terms: “First, the facilitation group must change, that is to say, instead of being an observer, it should join the facilitation as facilitation group. Second, we have asked our spiritual fathers to have the specifications antagonistic parties, that is to say, the majority and the opposition. This will enable them to understand writing. We wanted, of course, that the prerequisites, such as we had demanded, finding answers. If the prerequisites are answered, they also find ways to continue their work. We asked, under the triumphalism of the facilitator that the church is in the middle of the village, is actually neutral. ” And for him to continue “because the triumphalism of the Facilitator demonstrates that the church is already on the side of the Facilitator, therefore the majority, then we who are Christians, we believe that the church is in the village . We recalled the role of the church with all due respect. ”

Following the approach of the CENCO

Reacting on whether consultations Catholic Bishops, the mix for the Republic has been quite positive. To believe the words of Franck Diongo, the Catholic Church has always worked for the benefit of the entire Congolese population. “We believe in the Catholic Church that has always acted in the interest of the people. And we welcome this initiative to listen to all parties. We believe in the Catholic Church, but we also reaffirm the Rally’s position on all issues affecting the country. The Bishops also know that that legal texts are sacred. So do not violate them. We have reminded them of our position especially with the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, which is for us a good faith test to Mr. Kabila’s place, “said Franck Diongo.

Kodjo must resign

Leaving his consultation with CENCO, Edem Kodjo, the facilitator of the dialogue seemed to ignore the position of the Rally, on his challenge. Speaking to the press, he even said that he is there, he has not resigned, and he had not even intended to do so. Reacting to this position of the Facilitator, National MP Franck Diongo think even modesty, Edem Kodjo must resign. “It’s true that I followed the Facilitator who thinks playing with the Congolese population. We have already said that his challenge was irrevocable, that is to say that if we engage in dialogue, it will be without him, because he has already shown its limits. He has not an international aura. Therefore, it has the seeds of failure. He will talk nice, but I assure you that Kodjo will leave and he will leave. We no longer need him “, he said to reassure the Congolese population. In the light where things are going, we must say that the equation becomes more complicated. In its conclusion, the chosen of the Lukunga has repeatedly said that “the rally is a unitary subject, and” AR “platform is a member of this political family opposition. And the Rally will respond to all questions about the country as a unit. “