That’s  how the complaint of Bishop Pascal Mukuna Bwanga, president of the citizen movement known as “Patriotic Awakening” and of FC Renaissance du Congo, against Joseph Kabila Kabange, former President of the Republic and moral authority of the Common Front for Congo (FCC), is a bad Joke. The pastor demands the arrest, illico presto, of the one who ruled the DR Congo for eighteen years and of whom he claimed to be the “spiritual father” for crimes committed during his reign. In the other case, the same Pascal Mukuna was summoned, last Wednesday, May 13, 2020, to the General Prosecutor’s Office near the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa / Gombe because accused of rape, illicit retention of parcel documents and death threats to Mamie Tshibola Mufuta, wife of his former collaborator Nkantshia Milongo (deceased). The Man of God was placed under a provisional arrest warrant (MAP) and taken to Makala Central Prison.

In the camp of the former Head of State, Pascal Mukuna is described as an inconsistent, incoherent and immoral man of God who begins an adventure in the troubled waters of politics. Because, he would have put himself in the political spotlight in his preachings to the Church, in the media and social networks. The members of the FCC invited the president of “Patriotic Awakening” to reread the “Law on the status of former Head of State”, a provision of which transferred the same conditions of indictment of the President of the Republic in office which is three-quarters of the vote of members of Congress. And, in this parliamentary institution (National Assembly and Senate), it is Joseph Kabila who has his ¾ of delegates and also who has the majority of 2/3 vote for a possible revision of the said Law. Under these conditions, the complaint of Mukuna, bishop of the Christian Assembly of Kinshasa (ACK), filed with the Prosecutor General at the Constitutional Court is very unlikely to succeed.

Recently on the set of “Bosolo na Politik”, Pascal Mukuna was facing Jean-Marie Kassamba. The latter accused the man of God of wanting to eat at all the racks. The boss of Télé 50 also claimed that, with supporting evidence, Mukuna had received from Martin Ekanga the staggering sum of 350,000 US dollars to campaign for candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, Joseph Kabila’s runner-up to the last presidential election. JMK also said that Pascal Mukuna had received several envelopes from Kabila’s relatives to operate his football team, notably FC Renaissance du Congo, to buy players and, publicity, even went to seek financial assistance from of the former First Lady of DR Congo, Marie Olive Lembe Kabila, for the marriage to his new young conquest. Many remember the worship organised at the Martyrs stadium by Pascal Mukuna and a group of pastors to perpetuate Joseph Kabila and, unfortunately, disturbed by torrential rain. “How many times has this bishop stepped in to defend his” spiritual son “from Catholic prelates?” Says other FCC members. On the other hand, the man of God had defended himself, tooth and nail, on the television show to demonstrate that the balance sheet of eighteen years of the former President of the Republic is negative across the board. In his denunciation, Bishop Mukuna lists a series of crimes committed by the Kabila regime.
In a column published in the newspaper Forum des As, national deputy Jean-Pierre Tshimanga Bwana made this state of the question: “A few days before the deposit of the said denunciation, there was a controversy around a video sextape, which has also toured social networks, involving Bishop Pascal Mukuna who is shown in the midst of sexual intercourse with a woman in his car. These images divided Congolese public opinion into two blocks. On the one hand, there are those who think that the video would be a disastrous montage put in place by people who want to silence Bishop Pascal Mukuna on his revelations about the crimes committed by Joseph Kabila Kabange during his presidential terms. On the other hand, however, there are people who believe that the sextape is not a montage. This is why the man of God who fell would have laid down his information in order to deflect public opinion on the sex scandal implicating him. This denunciation would only be a simple diversion. “

And Tshimanga Bwana to continue: “One day after the denunciation was laid, Mrs. Mamie Tshibola, wife of Nkantshia Milongo, filed a complaint against the Bishop Pascal Mukuna with the General Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa / Gombe for rape, unlawful retention of documents and death threats. According to the complainant, Bishop Pascal Mukuna forced her to have sex with him to recover the certificate of registration of a plot of land from her late husband. According to her, the last two sexual relations she had with him was under gunpoint. ” Also Tshibola’s sister, who was also the victim of forced sex with the same Pascal Mukuna, under gunpoint in the same office, could also go to court. As for Félix Tshisekedi’s predecessor, he resorts to his formidable weapon: silence.

After a marathon confrontation with the complainant Mamie Tshibola, Mukuna, now in dirty sheets, spent his first night in Makala. The offense of rape is sentenced to at least ten years in prison and is imprescriptible. The bishop of ACK has yet to say his last word.