After the notables of Grand Bandundu (Kwilu, Kwango and Maï-Ndombe) who met recently in Kinshasa to make a declaration of thanks to the the Moral Authority of the Common Front for Congo (FCC), Joseph Kabila Kabange, for the choice he made on Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, as a president candidate of the Republic, the time had come for the young leaders of the Grand Bandundu platform to receive the candidate, and when the time comes, a strategy will be communicated to them for his final victory at the Presidential election of December 23, 2018. For Aubin Minaku, the very one who mobilised the young leaders of Grand Bandundu, as in 2006 and 2011, the Grand Bandundu will remain disciplined until the end. To do this, the young people will get to work when the campaign starts for the victory of the common candidate. For his part, the candidate Ramazani Shadary who could not make a speech, not yet in the electoral campaign, thanked the young leaders of the Grand Bandundu space, but also the initiator of this great meeting, Aubin Minaku Ndjalandjoko, his supporter.

The International Fair of Kinshasa (FIKIN) refused the world last weekend, on the occasion of the reception by the young leaders of the space Grand Bandundu, the Presidential candidate of the Republic, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary. The occasion was also an opportunity to thank the President of the Republic, not only for having appointed the PPRD Permanent Secretary as his successor, but also for having respected the Constitution of the Republic. This mobilisation is the result of the work of the  the Honorable Aubin Minaku, President of the National Assembly and Secretary General of the Presidential Majority.

Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary

Speaking in front of this age group mobilised as one force, Minaku presented the candidate of Joseph Kabila Kabange, the candidate of the FCC, the one who will win the elections of December 23, 2018, because next January, he will be President of the Republic. “The Grand Bandundu has always been standing, so we have to get organised, since we can not talk about the DR Congo without the Grand Bandundu (Kwilu, Kwango and Mai-Ndombe). We can not talk about intellectuals, Congolese politicians without referring to Bandundu, “he says, adding that for us to talk more about us, we need to be united and work together.

On occasion, the President of the National Assembly recalled that in 2006, despite the candidacy of Patriarch Antoine Gizenga, he had prophesied on the victory of Joseph Kabila. And that came to fruition. Similarly, he says, in 2019, Ramazani will be President of the Republic. “Some of our brothers from Kwilu, Kwango and Maï-Ndombe may also be candidates, but as part of the political strategy, we are behind Kabila and will vote for Ramazani Shadary and the Bandundu space will be at the heart of the power of Ramazani Shadary, “he insists, arguing that the Grand Bandundu has benefited a lot during the Joseph Kabila regime.

Aubin Minaku stressed that the first meeting took place with the notables of Bandundu, where it was pointed out that the Bandundu, it was a maturity: intelligence and discipline. He returned to a mission he carried out in Paris, and the question asked by a journalist, whether President Joseph Kabila will be a presidential candidate of 2018, his answer was clear: “Kabila will be replaced by another elected President. He will remain President of the Republic until the day when there will be an elected President “. In spite of the answer wbeing clear, the doubter continued to drum their drums.

He returned to this initiative of a group of young intellectuals from Kwilu, Kwango and Maï-Ndombe who created the Bandundu space. And the notables of Grand Bandundu have organised a structure, so that before the elections, given that it will support Ramazani Shadary, he knows what are the expectations of our people.


Several reactions can be reported, including that of Professor Oscar Nsaman. Indeed, this one justified the choice made on the youth. “Youth, are the future of Congo; because yesterday it was the notables of the Grand Bandundu who met at the Plaza Hotel to make a declaration of gratitude, thanks to the Moral Authority Joseph Kabila who appointed the presidential candidate of the Republic ” , he says, before indicating that this gesture means that the whole Bandundu is welcoming him with open arms in order to be able to show the nationalist spirit that characterises this territorial extent.

When one refers to history, it was the same day, that a group led by Patrice-Emery Lumumba as head of government, Sendwe as Minister of Commerce, Mulele Minister of Education, Kashamura Minister of Education information. All those and the others had to fight for the interest of the nation. And when Mzée Laurent-Désiré Kabila came with the principle of “protect your little corner”, he quoted Lumumba who said that “the history of Congo will be written here”. He quoted Mulele, who said that “the victory and development of the country will begin from the ground up”, … And now, it is Joseph Kabila, one of the descendants of those. Today, we have just introduced another descendant who will represent the interests of Simon Kimbangu.

Another notable acknowledged that it was a great day for them to support the candidacy of Ramazani Shadary as head of state, the man of democracy has presented as his choice and we can only support him. The Bandundu will presents 7 other candidates not only him. This is how we had to work together to support this candidacy. But also to thank the Head of State who respected the Constitution and now we are arming ourselves, in order to support our candidate.

For the Kamisendu national MP, the big Bandundu through this platform that we built has one goal: to respect the vision of Kabila who designated Ramazani as candidate of the MP and the FCC to the highest office in the presidential elections of 2018. “We think it’s time to get together so that we can put this nomination as ours. We bring it to the level of youth, we will bring it to the level of the women, it will be presented even in the recesses of the great province of Bandundu. We want this platform to be a political reality and would like young people, mothers and notables to rise as one body and build our province around a power that is exercised in the country. He emphasised as he mobilised the youth.