On security issues, the PPRD DR Congo supports and encourages actions by our Armed Forces, the PNC and intelligence services to maintain peace, particularly in Beni and in the east of the country. The Congo PPRD is delighted to note that, finally, new voices are courageously rising to join us in our old declarations on the threats of destabilisation and dismemberment hatched against our country. We have never been going to war, but if anyone declares war on us, our people will follow in this the slogan that was bequeathed to us by Mzee Laurent-Désiré KABILA, the soldier of the people, who invited us to mobilise to bring the war back to where it came from.PPRD DR Congo

The PPRD DR Congo denounces these politicians in bad position who make the suffering and killings of our brothers and sisters of Beni, a business. We must mobilise all as one man to put an end to this asymmetrical war which is nothing but a well-planned terrorism from the outside and unfortunately supported by Congolese in search of jobs without mastering the ins and outs.





January 8, 2020


Comrades Members of the Political Bureau;
Comrades Members of the National Council;
Comrades Members of the Permanent Secretariat;
Secretary Comrade Provincial Executive of the City of Kinshasa;
Comrades Activists and supporters of the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy;
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen;

The Lord God, master of time and circumstances, which allowed us to experience a 2019 absolutely happy, we also gave his grace to enter this new year that has just begun. We need him in those moments our deepest gratitude, for it alone is all-powerful and alone the infinite glory.

Dear comrades,

On the threshold of this new year, 2020; the opportunity is given us to meet around this ceremony to exchange vows.

The ceremony that day, separating us from just two months of holding our first political Morning Lubumbashi, forces me to be relatively short, many things have already been said during this meeting.

I was very moved by the kind words, warm and full of confidence that the Provincial Executive Secretary of Kinshasa, the Comrade Governor Gentiny Ngobila just sent to President Joseph Kabila Kabange National and myself in your behalf.

I too would like to say on behalf of Comrade Joseph Kabila Kabange, the National President of the PPRD and myself, how I wish for each frame and  PPRD activist, health, happiness, prosperity and happy 2020.

Dear comrades,

We are delighted and proud to remind you, in this day and on this occasion, that under the leadership of our President, Comrade Joseph Kabila Kabange, we garnered many valuable political successes during the year 2019 that just s ‘finish.

At the dawn of this year 2020, the PPRD, our party truly takes a departure after the excitement we had known in January 2019, pending anguished publication of the election results of December 30, 2018. With courage and determination, we had a grip quickly and had adopted the posture that was necessary at any patriot advised, namely to the salvation of the nation above any personal ambition.

Given the results of the legislative elections and provincial, it turned out that we had a comfortable representation in assemblies and that we had to choose between the vicissitudes of confrontation through cohabitation regime or the harmony of cohesion through a coalition system.

Taking advantage of the first peaceful transfer of power and civilised at the top of the state, in our country, we bet on harmony and patriotism of the new political generation consists substantially of players born shortly before and after the accession of our country’s independence.

With our credo, we walked avoiding the pitfalls that littered our path. In 2019, the National Assembly was installed. In 2019 always, the provincial assemblies were installed too. Also in 2019, senators were elected provincial governors also. Much more still in 2019, the Government invested and the prophets of doom who predicted the Apocalypse for our country and bounty hunters and snacks that we tended traps are now confused by the persistence of fraternal relations between the Congolese leaders.

This is our opportunity to salute the wisdom and humility as outgoing President Joseph Kabila Kabange the Rais, as the incoming Tshilombo Félix Tshisekedi. They are both from the old moulded tradition of nationalism and patriotism, and whose word is “Never betray the Congo” facing the shooters strings from all sides.

Very Dear Comrades,

To mark the positive implication in the establishment of the institutions and the safeguard of the political balances between the combined forces, the PPRD, as a standard bearer party of the parliamentary majority and of the coalition, took the measure of the responsibilities which it fall, in particular through legislative support to parliament (the female leadership of the president of the national assembly and the technical nature of the Senate rapporteur), the management of government action under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the action of stabilisation of provincial assemblies and provincial governments.

Insofar as the Constitution of the Republic stipulates that the Government conducts the policy of the nation, our responsibility is therefore very great, and we do not intend to shirk it. In consultation with the President of the Republic, it is therefore up to the Parliamentary Majority to define this policy, whatever the sorrowful spirits who continue to declare that the Government should, we do not know how, abandon the definition outside of his priorities and the determination of his program.

Moreover, it should be recalled, the program of the ILUNGA ILUNKAMBA Sylvestre Government was drawn up, in perfect consultation with the President of the Republic, by all of the coalition political forces. The PPRD intends to support and accompany this program and it will actively support the various reforms required for its implementation.

Thus, the PPRD does not intend to weaken on the imperative of compliance with the new Mining Code, guarantor of the creation of the resources projected through the 2020 finance law. Our party, the PPRD, established throughout the national territory will not endorse never and then never the malicious and destabilising actions carried out by enemies of our economic independence, who shoot red bullets at the leaders of Gécamines.

Dear comrades,

The Democratic Republic of Congo, our country, takes a new milestone in its political history every year.

We have placed here at the PPRD the year 2019 under the sign of great political events and we have aptly called it “a great political year”.

Throughout this past year, we have demonstrated that we Congolese in general and members of the PPRD in particular, we were able to organise ourselves and mobilise all our wisdom, intelligence and energies as well as all our resources with regard to political objectives and that we have assigned to ourselves. We are all proud to see that we have won our bet:

Peace and territorial integrity of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

During the year 2019, the party through the Permanent Secretariat held many important and statutory meetings on the functioning of the Party, including enlarged meetings at the Political Bureau and the Notables of the Provinces as part of the consultations for the preparation elections of the Senate and Governor Candidates, the Bureau of the Provincial Assemblies, the Office of the National Assembly as well as the Office of the Senate.

But also during the year 2019 we organised worthy ceremonies for the fellow members of our Party and brother party that Heaven recalled. These include Comrades Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and ZANU-PF, Patriarch YERODIA ABDOULAYE NDOMBASI, Comrade NKULU MWENZE Gérard, Comrade Main Animator GIGODO EKOFO, and Comrade Professor Edouard TSHISUNGU. In the same vein, we regret to announce the death this morning, 8/1/2020 in Kinshasa of our comrade Gabriel MASUDI representative of the PPRD of the France Federation, who was staying in the country. I ask you to stand up to observe a moment of silence in his memory. Thank you !

Dear comrades, distinguished guests,

In 2019, we also organised ceremonies of solemn presentation to the militants of the Party, our Comrades elected and promoted to high office. Those are :

the President of the National Assembly, Comrade Jeanine MABUNDA LIOKO;
the Prime Minister of the Government, Comrade Professor Sylvestre ILUNGA ILUNKAMBA;
National Deputies and Senators;
Ministers members of the National Government;
as well as the Governors elected in all of their respective Provinces.

During this year, we had the privilege, with the capital and usual support of our National President, to undertake roaming visits for the revitalisation of the activities of the party across the country, in Haut Katanga, mainly in Lubumbashi, Sakania, Likasi, Kipushi; as well as in the Lualaba in Kolwezi. Massive memberships were organised in several cities of the country in particular: Lubumbashi, Kolwezi, Kindu, Bukavu, Kinshasa, Bunia…

In the same context and following the resolutions of the First Political Morning of Party Evaluation held in Lubumbashi, the Permanent Secretariat had to install the Provincial Executives of Haut Katanga, Ituri, Kinshasa and Tshopo. For the other provinces, the consultation missions are underway in the field and the installations will be carried out progressively during the year 2020.

It is also an opportunity to recall here that we were able to take up the challenge of holding, in a correct and satisfactory manner, the First Political Morning of Lubumbashi, at the end of which several seminars of restitution were organised across the country . The Budget Conference that we held in December 2019 constitutes a real innovation for our country and should make the PPRD a model in this area on the Congolese political scene. It constitutes for our party an important tool which will guide us in all our activities during the year 2020 which we begin.

The Lubumbashi resolutions are being implemented, with in particular the restructuring of the Youth League by setting up a National League Committee as well as the installation, for the first time, of the Communal Committees through the whole city of Kinshasa.

The party benefited from some training and experience-sharing missions in 2019 in Havana, Brussels, Beijing and Harare led successively by comrades Ismaël TUTWEMOTO, Richard ILUNGA, Mathieu KAYOKA and KIKAYA bin KARUBI.

Regarding the contribution of our Party in the institutional activities of our country, the PPRD participated in long and after FCC-CASH discussions by its executives, in this case Comrades Aubin MINAKU, Néhémie MWILANYA, Didier ETUMBA and myself , negotiations having produced, in particular:

– the Joint Government Program;

– the nomenclature and distribution of ministerial portfolios; and the PPRD quota is known.

In view of its political weight in the National Assembly, the PPRD, alongside the other political forces of the coalition, played a preponderant role during the vote for the investiture of the Coalition Government, and for the adoption of the Budget of the 2020.

All organs of the National Assembly, namely; parliamentary groups, parliamentary committees and the committee of wise men have been set up, and the PPRD is validly represented. The same is true in the Senate, where political groups, standing committees, provincial groups and the committee of wise men are chaired by several PPRD officials.

For the Government, the participation of the PPRD is decisive with regard to the Joint Government Program, which synthesises (2) two electoral campaign programs and whose priority is to assure the Congolese men and women their dignity through happiness collective, shared and defining itself with respect for the rule of law.

Before giving any consideration on the year 2020, President Joseph KABILA instructs me to congratulate and thank each of you for what you have done so that the Party maintains its position in the political spectrum of the DRC.

These are particularly elected officials at all levels, members of the Government, governors of the provinces and especially representatives in companies, services and public establishments, for their contributions throughout the year.

It is also about all the young people, the permanent dads and moms of the party, the young people of vigilance, the sporting and patriotic youth, and all the senior executives of the party who continue to give warmth, enthusiasm and vigilance to the bet dear to Comrade Joseph KABILA KABANGE.

In the same way for the interest of the party the Leader of the Party instructs me to inform all the members that the cases of indiscipline and skin of banana and low blow, will be denounced publicly and subjected to the rigour of the discipline of the left.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear comrades,

In keeping with the spirit and the letter of the road map resulting from the Lubumbashi Political Morning, through the various recommendations, the Party’s action for this year 2020 will concern three axes, namely:

The organisation

At the organisational level, the Party undertakes to:

Make effective and operational all the statutory organs of the party, in particular the Political Bureau and the National Council, as well as the completion of the installation of the animators of the basic organs of the Party (Province, City, Territories, Communes, Sectors, Chiefdom, Neighbourhoods, Grouping, Villages, Avenues and Streets);
Set up a grooming and awareness-raising unit to internalise the party’s statutes and rules of procedure;
Consolidate the relations between the different structures of the Party by the organisation of the roaming missions inside the country respectively by the national secretaries and the federal ones;
Ensure regular mobilisation and recruitment activities across the country to maintain the political health of the Party;
Set up a unit responsible for monitoring the actions of party officers and assessing their behaviour across the institutions with regard to the commitments made officially before taking office;
Consolidate the Party’s communication unit;
To open the gateways to dialogue between the Party and the other partners of associations and corporations of civil society;
Engage in exchanges between the Party and international partners;
Encourage the promotion of gender equality within the PPRD;
Organise the general assembly of the youth league because we cannot take short-term measures without worrying about future generations, and therefore prepare the next generation.

In terms of training:
A national forum on the ideology of the Party will be convened as soon as possible after the training very close to the recently notified young people.
In order to allow an ideological anchoring, the Party School will soon be reorganised and provided with the means necessary for its functioning.

On the financial plan :

The Party intends to create other sources of funding for maximum revenue mobilisation in accordance with the resolutions of the Budget Conference.

Finally, throughout this year, the deployment of roaming teams will be done regularly to our Provincial Executive Secretariats for the revitalisation of the Party and the moral rearmament of militants.

This is why, I launch a solemn appeal to the cadres and militants of the Party for increased visibility on the ground by actions of recruitment, supervision, awareness and patriotic awakening in their respective bases. Moreover, the PPRD elected officials who are officially on parliamentary holidays have been made aware of significant reports on the health of the party in their respective electoral strongholds.

Dear comrades,

The year 2020 which begins seems to me to be a difficult year on almost all levels.

The public authorities will have to assume responsibility by creating new opportunities to improve the living conditions of the Congolese population. At the very least, in our humble opinion, this would mean supplying drinking water and electricity without load shedding and optimal conditions for health care for all, without forgetting the total eradication of the Ebola virus.

It is with this in mind that the 2020 finance law gives a nod to free basic education.

As long as the state budget was still hovering around $ 6 billion, it was not easy to imagine ensuring the full effectiveness of free basic education. A first attempt was made for the first two years of primary school. Today, the PPRD agrees with the Government that it must be a step-by-step action. And that as such, we parents should be well informed, pending the effective mobilisation of the resources entered in the 2020 budget. To be really clear and honest, we believe that with all the political will that drives the Government, it is only from the start of the 2020-2021 school year can we have objective indicators on the parameters of State intervention in the total funding of free basic education.

On the same chapter, the PPRD wishes to recall that the funding of basic education does not meet the same principles as that of secondary education or tertiary and university education. The gradual increase in the state budget will make it possible to significantly intervene in the remuneration of teachers of all levels, in the acquisition of school and academic infrastructures and equipment, in support for scientific and technological research. and professionalisation. The agreements made between the various educational partners around contributions to education should therefore be respected. This is why the PPRD welcomes the partnership agreements signed at UNIKIN and in other establishments of Higher and University Education, and encourages all interested partners to take it seriously.
The PPRD condemns with the latest energy, all the barbaric acts of violence and all the material damage recorded in recent days on the site of the University of Kinshasa. Our party recommends that the government take all the necessary measures as soon as possible to take into account the claims of the various parties involved, in particular those of the students, and thus appeal in total appeasement and the resumption of academic activities in the University of Kinshasa.

On security issues, the PPRD supports and encourages actions by our Armed Forces, the PNC and intelligence services to maintain peace, particularly in Beni and in the east of the country. The PPRD is delighted to note that, finally, new voices are courageously rising to join us in our old declarations on the threats of destabilisation and dismemberment hatched against our country. We have never been going to war, but if anyone declares war on us, our people will follow in this the slogan that was bequeathed to us by Mzee Laurent-Désiré KABILA, the soldier of the people, who invited us to mobilise to bring the war back to where it came from.

The PPRD denounces these politicians in bad position who make the suffering and killings of our brothers and sisters of Beni, a business. We must mobilise all as one man to put an end to this asymmetrical war which is nothing but a well-planned terrorism from the outside and unfortunately supported by Congolese in search of jobs without mastering the ins and outs.

To return to the chapter on reforms, the PPRD will support the government in implementing the reforms we need to rationalise our political system, maximise revenues and create wealth, moralise public life, strengthen national cohesion, give credibility to our system. defence and security.

In this perspective, the reforms already initiated within the FARDC and the PNC must be continued, because this is a long-term task, which has already started to produce reassuring results, which deserve to be consolidated.

As for the reforms affecting the Constitution, it is no secret that our fundamental law, adopted in 2006, contains many provisions that specialists qualify as disabling provisions, because they were dictated by impulses of resentment towards vis-à-vis our country and inexplicable accounts. We are no longer there today, although there are still some residual survivors that should scare us hardly.

Without prematurely opening the debate on the provisions to be modified, we can limit ourselves to mentioning, for example, the problem of the election of provincial governors by provincial assemblies and their parliamentary control, the economic rationality of the election of provincial deputies by ballot universal direct, the financial cost of elections and the establishment of local, municipal and urban institutions.

In addition, the time has come to renew the leaders of the institutions supporting democracy, in particular those of the CENI, the CSAV and the CNDH. The same is true of certain members of the Constitutional Court. The PPRD will invest positively in this process. There were certainly facts to deplore, but we note however that the country still stands and that we are progressing slowly but surely.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Distinguished comrades,

This is no longer the time to come and propose retrograde ideas on so-called forums or consultations that would call into question the legitimacy of the institutions in place. The PPRD will therefore oppose any attempt to re-issue confabulations with actors who had refused to join the logic of the CNSA. And we want, for example, that future CENI leaders are personalities with proven experience in the management of political and electoral structures.

Regarding justice, the PPRD’s proposals are clear: the working conditions of magistrates and all judicial personnel should be those which would allow them to shelter from solicitations of all kinds in order to ensure an equitable distribution of the justice across the national territory. Likewise, the PPRD expresses the hope that the Government will significantly improve the prison conditions of persons deprived of their liberty for violating the law, and will wage a fierce fight against corruption and impunity.

Dear comrades, it is required by our Constitution that at the entry into service as at the end of their functions, each agent of the State assuming high responsibilities should declare their assets. This provision is supposed to have contributed to transparency, to the culture of reissue of accounts, and to the increase of the sense of morality in the exercise of public office. This provision should be extended to all public officials, but it only makes sense and is effective if monitoring is done through a parliamentary or independent body, which examines the files of each manager’s assets. politician or agent concerned.

On this subject, in order to fight against corruption, concussion and to guarantee transparency, the PPRD, avant-garde party, turned towards republican values, the PPRD will soon initiate a project or a bill of law creating a body for verifying the sources of goods acquired by public, political and managerial agents.

A person whose file is in order, that is to say having validly justified the sources and means of his acquisitions, will receive from the competent service a certificate of compliance with the standards and procedures for the acquisition of goods.

On the other hand, any person who cannot justify an enrichment beyond the reasonable, will receive a red card and will see his file of goods stamped with the seal of non-conformity. The latter is then routed manu militari before the competent judicial bodies for investigations, prosecution and sanctions, and his ill-gotten gains will be seized by the public authorities.

Dear comrades,

We therefore want the year 2020 to inaugurate another way of life in the DRC and, more than in the past, the PPRD and the Congolese state should count on your legendary political courage, your revolutionary faith and your fierce determination to conquer.

The same capacity for organisation and mobilisation should help us, what do I say ?, should guide us throughout the whole of 2020, so that the PPRD can re position itself more with our leader and therefore really ensure the stability of the DRC and effectively protect the nation against multifaceted and repeated aggression.

At all levels, we will have to break with certain bad habits acquired; to apply total rigour and discipline in the management of our party and in the management of state affairs by those who represent us.

Dear comrades,

Admittedly, the success was not total during the year 2019. Like all human work. Nevertheless, we have been able to observe, with all our members and through all our mass meetings, that our enthusiasm for all of us has remained completely intact. This attitude of confidence in our capacity for resilience honours us. This commitment to remain loyal to the Party makes us even stronger. This political enthusiasm allows us to be proud to be members of a large and strong, dignified and solid political party.

Yes, despite the difficulties sometimes encountered, our confidence in our Party, in our moral Authority and in ourselves has remained the same. I could see our full determination to bounce back, stay the course and work harder for a future of complete victory.

Comrades Members of the Political Bureau;
Comrades Members of the National Council;
Secretary Comrade Provincial Executive of the City of Kinshasa;

Comrades Militants and activists of the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy;
Whatever the past, glorious or mixed, bright or dark, the greatness of a solid political party resides, as it is of any great personality, in the fact of keeping the eyes and the spirit fixed on the future, in aiming to always do better. For the year 2020 which has just opened, total success in all our projects and at all levels is our sole objective.

For this, to our National President, Comrade JOSEPH KABILA and his family, I express, on your behalf, our ardent wishes for a very pleasant year. To him and to each of you, members of our great and beautiful political family, I reiterate the wishes of very good health, longevity, solidarity, fraternity as well as greater spiritual and intellectual energy so that we can work, better that during the past year, to make our Party even stronger, for the greater good of our country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To all of our political partners in the Common Front for the Congo and in Cape Town for Change, I express the hope that we can remain firmly united and faithful to our common commitments throughout 2020. Our common work , in harmony and in mutual trust, constitutes the guarantee of a glorious advance towards this better service which we are called to render to our people who, in all legitimacy, aspire to a happy life.

Dear friends,

I am confident that with the continued commitment and commitment of each of us, our Party will experience a year of deep peace, success and happiness.

This is why, I appeal to all our members, executives and activists of the Party, to unity and cohesion around our National President Comrade Joseph KABILA KABANGE.

May the Lord, master of times and circumstances, protect all our biological families, at the same time and in the same way as our political family.

Once again and finally, to our National President and to all of us, I wish a very happy 2020!

Long live our party, the PPRD,

Long live Joseph KABILA

Long live our homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Thank you.