The President of the Lower House of Parliament, Ms. Jeanine Mabunda Lioko, has continued since last Sunday, her journey in the deep Congo. After having visited Goma, Beni city and Beni territory as well as the people in distress because of the resurgence of killings and massacres orchestrated by the ADF, the President of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently in Bunia.Jeanine Mabunda LiokoAfter a warm welcome from the provincial authority, elected representatives of Ituri and the Iturian population, the number one elected representative of the people addressed, without intermediary, the inhabitants of Bunia who came to greet him at the airport. The occasion making the thief, she asked the compatriots of this part of the country to support the Head of State, Félix Tshisekedi, who fights every day to offer the Congolese the best living conditions possible.Jeanine Mabunda Lioko

In her tracks, Mabunda recalled the duty of the elected representatives of the people who are valid representatives of the base. According to her, Ituri elected worthy Deputies to the Lower House of Parliament. “The people must trust them,” she urged. And to continue: ‘’ The patron saint of Deputies is called population. And its needs are of the utmost urgency. ” Highlighting her listening mission which began during her parliamentary holidays, Jeanine Mabunda explained what she had just done in Goma and Beni to the sovereign base which ardently desires peace and well-being.Jeanine Mabunda Lioko

A nod to the FCC-CACH coalition

Speaking of the FCC-CACH coalition that runs the country, the elected official in Bumba compared this union to a marriage where there are good times and bad times. But everything is done for the happiness of the children who are the Congolese. Note that in Bunia, the speaker of the National Assembly preached her policy of proximity and listening to the people. This is why, she registered some complaints from the population.Jeanine Mabunda Lioko

Long before moving around in the province of Ituri, Jeanine Mabunda had traded with living forces from Beni.Jeanine Mabunda LiokoTireless and ready to devote every minute to the happiness of the people she visited, Jeanine Mabunda met on Monday evening with the men and women of civil society, joined by members of political parties, all trends combined (FCC) , CACH, Lamuka), touching on the realities of this territory that many politicians seem to have forgotten since insecurity reigns there. Various subjects related to the development and security of Beni were discussed on this occasion without tongue in cheek.Jeanine Mabunda LiokoShe took the opportunity to call on each other for support from the FARDC and the police. “It is in unity that we will defeat the enemy,” she said. She also reassured the entire population regarding the involvement of the central government in all the challenges of this territory battered by the enemies of the Congo.