Prominent people of Beni City, have called on the army to review its strategies to deal more with the rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), active in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They also pleaded for the evaluation of the operations of the loyalist forces in the area.

“It has been almost 6 months since the so-called large-scale operations were launched in Beni to neutralise the ADF. And we think that at this stage, it is important to evaluate these operations to know what more needs to be done. In short, the military has yet to revise its strategies to end the killing of civilians, “notable Elie Vaghumawa said on Monday.

Last night, seven (7) civilians were killed in the village of Vwerere still in the territory of Beni. The killings were carried out by rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Civil society in Kisima, said that this assessment is still provisional.

In late October 2019, the Congolese army announced the launch of “large-scale” operations against the rebellion of the Allied Democratic Forces, which for more than 5 years have been committing atrocities in eastern DRC.

Armed men assimilated to ADF combatants raided the village Vwerere near Halungupa route Beni-kasindi in the territory of Beni in North Kivu the night of Sunday to Monday April 27, 2020.

On the spot according to Roger Masimengo first rapporteur of the civil society of Kisima, the provisional assessment reports 7 civilians killed alongside the looted houses and domestic animals carried away by the attackers.

“We are disappointed this morning. Our civilians were killed by ADF combatants, they stormed the region in the evening hours of Sunday after having deviated from the FARDC positions until Vwerere where they committed acts of incivism and then are volatilized in nature, “he said.

The bodies of the victims were transported to the morgue of the Mutwanga hospital, adds this source.

Activities remain paralysed in this part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Civilians are already fleeing the country.

Meanwhile, Clashes between the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo “FARDC” and CODECO (cooperative for the development of Congo) Militias, took place in the localities Kabakaba and Lisey in the Banyali-kilo sector, in the territory of Djugu (Ituri).

The spokesperson of the operational sector of the army in Ituri, draws up an account of 16 dead including 12 militiamen CODECO, two elements of the regular army and two civilians.

According to Lieutenant Jules Ngongo, several firearms and knives used by these outlaws, were also recovered by the army.

Thus, he calls on the population to dissociate themselves from these “enemies of peace” to allow the loyalist forces to successfully conduct the tracking operations.

In south Kivu Fizi: massive displacement of the population following clashes between FARDC and Mai Mai Yakutumba in Musika. A massive displacement of the population is reported in the locality of Musika more or less 10 kilometers from Minembwe in the territory of Fizi.Strategies Against ADF

This follows violent clashes between the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo and a group of Mayi Mayi led by self-proclaimed colonel William Yakutumba. According to the mayor of the rural commune of Minembwe Gadi Mukiza, it was since Wednesday April 22 that the loyalist forces launched operations against these Mayi Mayi elements

He said casualties and injuries were reported on both sides.

For their part, the loyalist forces confirmed these confrontations without giving an assessment. Sources on the scene, confirmed a dozen dead and wounded.

As a reminder, 3 people were murdered by armed men in this part of South Kivu,14 Mayi-Mayi elements neutralized and 3 FARDC soldiers fallen during clashes in Musika.

According to the spokesperson for the operational sector Sukola 2 South South Kivu, Captain Dieudonné Kasereka, the clashes began after an ambush by the rebel elements on the convoy of the FARDC soldiers.

He specifies that the soldiers were on their way to recover the bodies of three women raped by these rebels, killed and mutilated in the fields.

Operational sector spokesman Sukola 2 South South Kivu says that the sweeping operations around Kawera and Masha continue as some rebels have fled and others have hidden in the forest.

Kasereka calls on the population to continue collaborating with the loyalist forces.

Meanwhile 2 officers who deserted the FARDC with Colonel Makanika, rejoin the ranks. The Two deserting officers from the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo FARDC join the ranks of the regular army in Minembwe in the territory of Fizi in the south of the province of South Kivu.

They are Lt. Col. Nyenyeri Kayomba Venance and Lt. Sanzufura Eric. In addition to these two officers, 5 other minus elements of their AKA 47 weapons also joined the ranks of the armed forces. Some surrendered on Thursday, April 16, 2020 and others on Friday, April 17, 2020 with the 12th Rapid Reaction Brigade.Strategies Against ADF

These soldiers had defected around October 2019 to join the Makanika armed group, another officer (colonel) who deserted the army. They claim that, they had been deceived by certain people who are enemies of peace. They came to their senses following the sensitisation of armed groups and the population of Uvira and Fizi territory initiated by the operational sector commander sukola2 south South Kivu via the commander of the 12th Brigade, Brigadier General Dieudonné Muhima .

Captain Dieudonné Kasereka adds that these reports have been welcomed by the army and are on their way to Uvira territory pending the decision of the hierarchy.

The sector commander, Brigadier General Gaby Boswane asks all the others who are still hanging around in the forest to lay down their arms and go to consolidate peace in the territories of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenga and thus allow the people to think about the development of these entities.

In another development, 2 of 3 armed men who had kidnapped 4 agents of the Doctors Without Borders NGO in Baraka, were arrested by loyalist forces.

A weapon and ammunition were also seized from the kidnappers. The 3301st regiment based in Baraka carried out investigations and managed to arrest these two Kidnappers.

They’re Masenua Mujaliwa, band leader, originally from Kisanya, and Zembry. The third Kidnapper is still on the run. They had demanded $ 2,000 for the release of these MSF volunteers. One of the MSF Volunteers had given the Kidnappers 2,000,000 FC as a ransom.

You will remember when 4 MSF Dutch volunteers were kidnapped on April 16, 2020 in the locality of Mukiza between Fizi center and Baraka, and released on April 18, 2020.

Walungu Territory Administrator Lokuli Kombe Eyenga denounces cases of insecurity that have become commonplace in the Walungu, Nduba, Chagombe, Lurhala and Ikoma groups in Walungu territory.

During a telephone interview, the administrator of Walungu territory said that he did not go a day without hearing crackling bullets in this part of South Kivu province.

The assessment made last weekend shows 4 people killed by armed people have not been identified yet, said Lokuli Kombe Eyenga.

Residents of Walungu suspect detainees released from Bukavu central prison last month may be behind the insecurity.

On the other hand, some people think that this situation is caused in particular by the insufficiency of the police officers and their under equipment.

That said, the administrator of Walungu territory asked his hierarchy to increase the number of law enforcement officers in order to secure the population of Walungu.

“… we have a serious case concerning the escapees from the central prison of Bukavu who are scattered in the groups of Ikoma, Lurhala and Walungu. I ask everyone’s help to get involved and report any suspected cases. To the hierarchy, I request the reinforcement in manpower of the elements of the police force and the FARDC. You should also know that last Friday, a group of thugs wanted to raid the convent of the religious sisters of Walungu. Fortunately, there was a patrol in the area and therefore, their mission failed… ”said Lokuli Kombe Eyenga.

The administrator of Walungu territory adds that a security council will be organized shortly to build on the volatile security situation in Walungu.

Joram Jojo