Many deaths are reported in Kalehe, South Kivu following clashes between the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, FARDC and Raiya Mutomboki Militia on Sunday, April 4, 2021.

According to Delphin Birimbi, Chairman of the Kalehe Civil Society Territorial Concertation Framework, at least 2 soldiers including Colonel Bahati were killed by Raiya Mutomboki rebels in these clashes.

“There are many deaths and wounded in these clashes since this Sunday in Kalonge and Katasomwa (located in Kalehe territory, NDLR). These militias led by warlord Lance attacked the loyalist army on the Kalonge axis in Cifunzi. 2 FARDC soldiers were found dead, “he told us.

MILITIAChairman Delphin Birimbi confirmed that several inhabitants of Katasomwa, Chitebeka, Chirimiro, Mirenzo, Mushungti and Chigoma fled to the bush fearing for their safety.

Raiya Mutomboki Militia

Four Raiya Mutomboki militiamen were killed by the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) in Kalehe in South Kivu on Sunday April 04, 2021.

According to Major Claude Tshimwanga, spokesperson for the army in the northern part of South Kivu, these Raiya Mutomboki rebels were killed in clashes during an attack they perpetrated against the Cikunzi military camp in Kalonge. 

He specified that 2 FARDC officers of the 3415th regiment lost their lives in those clashes and their bodies arrived in Bukavu on Monday.

MILITIAThe military command in South Kivu confirmed that it will continue with operations to track down all armed groups in order to put an end to the insecurity in the territory of Kalehe.

It should be remembered that since April 1, several villages in Kalehe have been deserted by their inhabitants following clashes between two rebel groups in Bunyakiri.

This civil society calls on the military command in South Kivu Province to strengthen the firepower of FARDC soldiers in Kalehe to track down those rebels.

A massive displacement of the population is reported in the Mubugu group in Bunyakiri, Kalehe territory in South Kivu since 1 April, following clashes between Raiya Mutomboki and Nyatura.

The Church elected representative of Kalehe, Paulin Malira who made the alert, indicated that at least 3 villages have been deserted by their inhabitants and several dead.

“The situation in Bunyakiri is not good. Clashes between two militia groups were reported in Katasomwa following mineral conflicts. Fearing reprisals, the population is desperately moving in all directions. Inhabitants left Katasomwa for Tchigoma, others left Tchigoma for Karasi shopping centre, and others are still leaving Karasi for Bulambiana. There is a general panic among the population in Bunyakiri, “he explained to us.

The local civil society, stated that those clashes erupted when the Raiya Mutomboki made incursion to Bunyakiri to attempt to recover 5 people kidnapped by the Nyatura, having confused them to be CNRD, Rwandan militia outfit.

Didier KITUMAINI, President of the Civil Society of Bunyakiri confirmed that 5 people had been kidnapped while they were digging in the neighbourhood of Kahuzi Biega National Park.

The Civil Society of Kalehe claimed that two people were found dead and 4 wounded.

When Contacted, Bob Kilubi, commander of the 33rd military region reassured us that the army intends to intervene to put an end to the activities of armed groups in this northern part of the province of South Kivu.

The FARDC announced the surrender of six Mai Mai militias of the prosperous group operating in the Kiringye Forest, group of Itara / Luvungi, in the plain of Ruzizi, in the territory of Uvira. 

According to SOKOLA 2 Operational Sector Spokesperson in southern South Kivu, Captain Dieudonné Kasereka, these are young people, whose age varies between 24 and 32 years old.

These cascading bursts follow the awareness coupled with military operations conducted by the army in the lower and high plateaus of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenga.

MILITIAMONUSCO peacekeepers facilitated the surrender of 6 militiamen in Sange,  Uvira Territory on March 29, 2021. The latter have agreed to join the disarmament program with a view to returning to civilian life.

With this new surrender in Kiringye, the number of fighters who surrendered between the month of January and March, is twenty-five. Nearly 15 individual weapons and a large amount of war munition have been recovered.

Those fighters came from either the Burundian rebel group of Red Tabara or Twigwaneho armed groups, Yakutumba and other Mai Mai militias.

Some of them went to the base of the Monusco in Mikenge and Bijombo. Others went directly to the FARDC.

MILITIAAccording to Captain Kasereka, the commander of the Sokola 2 operational sector in southern South Kivu, General Gaby Boswane, deplores several cases of targeted assassinations and kidnappings perpetrated by these armed groups, in complicity with civilian populations.

While military operations are continuing at the moment, this FARDC commander launches the call to all those who illegally hold the weapons to file them and to promote lasting peace in the region.

MILITIAMore and more voices are being raised to denounce the movements of armed men from the Ruzizi plain for the  high plateaus of Fizi, Mwenga and Uvira. The national deputy Claude Misare, elected from Uvira who is returning from the parliamentary recess, indicated that it is about the troops which join the two colonels deserters, Michel Makanika and Charles Sematama in the plateaus of Fizi, Uvira and Mwenga.

“I have just come from the parliamentary recess, a month ago, I noticed that there are movements of unidentified armed groups that are heavily armed and are reported to be in the Ruzizi plain. Enemies infiltrate every day to join Sematama and Makanika in the high and middle plateaus of Fizi and Uvira. MILITIAThey cross every day even in the middle of the day. The army must plan an operation to neutralize Makanika, Sematama and their groups which insecure the inhabitants, ”deputy Claude Misare said.

This elected official revealed that there are fighters of several nationalities among those who flock alongside Makanika and Sematama.

In North Kivu, at least four people were killed by the ADF rebels on Sunday 04 April 2021 in Maeleke, a village in Batangi-Mbau group, in Beni territory in North Kivu.

According to local civil society, the victims were shot dead.

“It was in the afternoon around 15 hours that the victims were executed. It’s still early to give the actual figure of the dead, “Kinos Katuo said.

The territory administrator confirmed the news and indicated that teams are already on site to establish the final report.

“It’s true, there have been death of men in Batangi-Mbau. For the moment it is difficult to deliver the full report because the region has problems of communication. Our teams are on the ground, other details will be made public later. “said Donat Kibwana.

Shortly before those killings, civil society had just alerted the presence of the ADF rebels in Maselese-Mabatundu and Mangila where they had put new positions.

Mamove bright forces Alerted on the installation of new ADF positions in several villages in Batangi-Mbau Group, Beni-Mbau sector in Beni territory in North Kivu

The alert was launched by Kinos Katuo, President of the civil forces in the region.

“The enemy is walking freely at Massele-Mabatundu. Here he installed a position where he plans attacks against the agglomerations of North Kivu and Ituri. Far from there, another group is in Mangila near Nzakia. That the army believes in this manoeuvre of the enemy before the worst arrives, “he said.

In addition, it called the population to be vigilante and to respect the instructions given by FARDC soldiers, consisting of not attending areas not controlled by the army.

As a reminder, several villages of the Batangi-Mbau group experienced repetitive incursions of the ADF rebels aware of the week. More than 30 civilians were killed and several others taken hostage.

Meanwhile, The elements of the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and those of the Congolese National Police (PNC) are deployed in the hot spots of the city of Butembo this Monday 05 April 2021.

They intend to prevent the demonstration of citizen associations and movements including the Lucha, which are calling for the departure of the United Nations mission in Congo (Monusco) “inactive in the eradication of armed groups in the east of the country. “

This morning, the security forces encircle the installations of the blue helmets located at the Bel-Air district near the town hall of Butembo, a place chosen by the citizen movements for a sit-in of 10 days.

In the meantime, socio-economic activities are paralyzed in the city centre. From the VGH roundabout to that of Soficom, the military and the police are deployed to adhere to any eventuality. In northern Butembo (Furu, NDLR) the tension is already picking momentum. Protesters have burnt tires in the road.

Last Saturday, the Lucha Pro-Democracy Movement, at a press conference held at Butembo, promised to demonstrate in non-violent.

“We will not compel to anyone to their activities. But the consciousness must work normally. Because there are many aspects. We are in an economic city. If everyone can fight in his way by saying for example that as we are not secured I do not pay taxes, it’s a way too; A student if he can sacrifice his studies to join us, if he can be at school, raising awareness is also a struggle. So for us, we have launched an action to which we call on everyone’s participation. But, we are not going to require everyone to join us, “said Jean-Pierre Kasma, Communicator of the Lucha Section of Butembo.

In a resolution adopted in December 2020, the members of the United Nations Security Council decided to extend the MONUSCO mandate until December 20, 2021, following the recommendation made by UN Secretary-General António Guterres. , in his latest report on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The extension of the mandate of the UN Operation of the Peace also extends to its intervention brigade “exceptionally and without the precedent or prejudice to the agreed peacekeeping principles,” specifies the resolution.

Joram Jojo