The Dynamics of the opposition announced on Tuesday, April 12 , that they  would not participate in the political dialogue announced by the head of state and whose facilitator, Edem Kodjo ,  was recently appointed.

Edem KodjoDuring a press conference in Kinshasa, Jean-Lucien Bussa read a statement of this platform of the opposition, stating that the mission led by the Togolese Edem Kodjo did not guarantee the respect of the constitution.

While all sectors of the opposition, including the UDPS / Tshisekedi, have agreed to take part in such as important foundation for the Congolese nation, it is quite unusual to see that some misfortune carriers can manifest Machiavellian.

Their position is kind of political selfishness recognised even by the population. Where is the love of the people they sing every day because dialogue is the only way to find solutions that avoid the bloodbath in Rdc. Mostlyin this pre-election period, when all the people expect politicians further clarification as to the organization of elections.What message do they bring to the innocent primary sovereign? Good for the Congolese to turn his back on trouble makers who accumulate destabilizing slopes of peace in the DRC. Respect for the Constitution demands that the dynamics of the opposition, may also discuss around a table, especially when several hypotheses arise about this.

Edem Kodjo was appointed by the African Union facilitator of dialogue in the DRC. An appointment meant ” to help  convene a global dialogue to resolve issues at the next election.”

Dynamics of the opposition said they were not “concerned with the appointment of Mr. Kodjo and the consultations he conducted”. What is the profile of the facilitator that these politicians are demanding? Another question for the Congolese opposition, which also seem to forget their role as opponents. The country needs peace, and this can only be done with the help of everyone without exception. The fury against dialogue, but also a fiercely against all the Congolese people.

Moreover, the former Togolese Prime Minister announced that the preparatory committee for this dialogue would be set up at the end of this week. Indeed, his assurance that these meetings are inclusive. That’s why he said the dialogue would open with those who are in favor.

The dialogue will not exactly be unanimous within the political class. Several opposition leaders disapprove, wishing a majority-opposition meeting with INEC, to discuss issues relating to the upcoming elections. A proposal that seems pointless until now, the INEC is a technical body, not political, and policy issues to be addressed primarily by politicians.

The Head of State announced the holding of this dialogue, to allow for peaceful elections. And this concerns all elections, presidential, parliamentary and many others. That friends of the opposition dynamics make good faith and love of country, the doors of dialogue are still open.