In the specific context of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is important to know how the population responds to each major events that occurs in the country. Thus after the passing test by the Government of broad national unity led by Bruno Tshibala in the National Assembly, and after its bill of Finance of 2017 is judged admissible by both Houses of Parliament, Echoes of Opinion n Did not want to fail in the mission that he had to resort to the popular barometer in order to know how it deciphered the first signals sent to him by the National Executive. Indeed, since this Government was formed in accordance with the spirit of the agreement of the New Year’s Eve signed by the majority, the Opposition signatory of the agreement of 18 September 2016,

Design Agent: Echos d’Opinion.

Duration: Work done from May 26 to June 3, 2017.

Technique: Question asked directly to major Congolese taken at random.

Means used: Survey conducted by the agents of the house.

Reason: The objective of this work is to know how the Congolese decrypt the first signals sent to its direction by the Government Bruno Tshibala at the beginning of its mandate, sector by sector.


  • The work of this survey was carried out in a qualitative and quantitative manner

Qualitative: All scientific work must meet the requirements of the relevant standards taking into account quantity and quality.

In order to carry out quality work, Echos d’Opinion retained positive variables related to gender, level of education and stratification of the different age groups of the respondents.

Although gender parity has not been respected, efforts have been made to ensure that women participate as much as men in this opinion poll. The variable level of education was flexible according to the age of the interviewee, given the decline in the quality of education in our country during the last decades.

Criteria related to linguistic, tribal, ethnic and provincial belonging were excluded because they were deemed negative.

Quantitative: The sample selected was 1000 persons chosen according to the criteria described above. This figure was considered sufficiently representative to reflect the real opinion of Congolese about the beginning of the journey of the Government of broad national unity.

Results: Table of the top 10 of the Government

Question What do you think a member of the current government augurs for a better tomorrow?
NOT Department, function and name Justification Total Voices obtained tage%
 1  Public function

Michel Bongongo, Minister of State

The modernization of the public service by the disenchantment of the retirement by the participative approach, entailing that of the promotion and the recruitment so as to give employment to the unemployed young people.   










 2 BudgetPierre Kangudia, Minister of State For having succeeded in raising the budget to almost 100% compared to the bill of finances deposited by the Matata Government.  1000  860  86%
 3 Deputy Prime MinisterForeign Affairs and Regional Integration

Leonard Shé-Okitundu

The consolation visit to the compatriots in distress in Angola fleeing the exactions of the militiamen Kamwena nsapu and the constancy in the defense of the interests and sovereignty of the DRC under the direction of the Head of State  1000  840  84%
 4 Deputy Prime Ministerinside

Ramazani Shadari

The return of peace in the central Kasai and other surrounding provinces made it possible to visit the consolation of Head of State in space.  1000  645


 5 Primary, Secondary and Professional EducationGaston Musemena End of the exclusivity of the proclamation of the results of the State Examination to the only operator of the Vodacom cellular telephony and the sanitation of the SECOPE  1000  620  62%
 6 Minister delegated to Congolese from abroadEmmanuel Ilunga Several innovations such as the creation of the Congolese bank abroad and the Okapi card to serve as a visa to enter the DRC  1000  580  58%
 7 Urban Planning and HabitatJoseph Kokonyangi


The dismantling of the anarchic constructions erected on the lands of the State or on the spaces occupied by the official offices and schools  1000  570  57%
 8 Real EstateLumeya Dumelengi Requirement of the opening of a bank’s wicket in all the places where the offices of the preservation of land are located  1000  562  56.2%
 9 Infrastructure and Public WorksThomas Lohaka Construction and gradual rehabilitation of the roadworks and drainage of the Capital and in other provincial capitals  1000  551  55%
 10 National DefenseAtama Tabe The rise of the FARDC through successes in the tracking operations of NALU ADFs and rebel groups in the East and Kamwenansapu militiamen in the Kasai region   









  1. Professor Michel Bongongo Ikoli Ndombo, current Minister of State, Minister of Public Service: 86% ; 1 . Pierre Kangudia, Minister of State in charge of the Budget: 86%  ; Léonard She Okitundu, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration: 84%;   4.  Ramazani Shadari, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior: 64.5 per cent  ; 5 Gaston Musemena, Minister of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education: 62%  ; 6.  Emmanuel Ilunga, Minister-in-charge of Congolese Abroad: 58%  ; 7. Joseph Kokonyangi, Minister of Planning and Habitat: 57%  ; 8 . Lumeya Dumalengi, Minister of Land Affairs: 55.5 per cent  ; 9. Thomas Lohaka Losendjola, Ministers of Infrastructure: 55%  ; 10. Christian Atama Tabe, Minister of National Defense 54.7%

On the basis of the results of this survey, Professor Michel Bongongo continues to pursue the campaign to raise awareness among state agents and civil servants after taking positive first steps in terms of retirement and retirement. The promotion and recruitment of unemployed youth. He got 86%. Pierre Kangudia, Minister of State, in charge of the Budget realized the feat of obtaining the same percentage as his colleague in charge of Public Service, 86%. And obliges him to share with him the first place The Congolese who Have welcomed their votes recognize him the merit of having doubled the budget estimates of the year 2017, left by Matata Ponyo.

Léonard Shé Okitundu, Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, retained his third place while raising his coast to 84% of the vote. The Congolese appreciate the way in which he conducts Congolese diplomacy under the direction of the President of the Republic at this period considered perilous for our country, as well as the consolation visit which he rendered to his compatriots in distress in Angola by order of Joseph Kabila.

In fourth position is Doctor Ramazani Shadari, Deputy Prime Minister of the Interior who obtained 64.5% of favourable opinion. He managed to convince this slice of opinion thanks to the return of peace in the central Kasaï and the other surrounding provinces having made possible the visit of consolation of Head of State in this space. It is followed by Gaston Musemena , Minister of Education, Primary, Secondary and Professional, which is constantly confirmed with the national opinion. For the first time in the top ten ranking of Echos d’Opinion, he is fifth with 62% favourable opinion. The Congolese consider it wise to broaden the dissemination of the results of the state examination to other cell phone operators, putting an end to the monopoly long held by Vodacom. They also appreciated the reorganisation of SECOPE, which is responsible for assessing the viability of schools.

Emanuel Ilunga , Delegate Minister in charge of Congolese from abroad, consolidated his presence in the top ten of the top rated ministers of the Echos d’Opinion ranking, although he lost a place in the previous ranking. It comes in sixth position with 56% . Its innovations in terms of the creation of the Congolese bank abroad and the Okapi card to serve as a visa to enter the DRC were the main assets that served it. The seventh place went to Joseph Kokonyangi , Minister of Urban Planning and Habitat. He obtained 57% of the votes for dismantling uncontrolled buildings erected on the courts of state and official schools. It is followed by Lumeya Dumalengi ,

Thomas Lohaka Losendjola , Minister of Infrastructure, ranked ninth for 55% of the interviewees. They acknowledge the merit of the construction and rehabilitation of road works and drainage works in the Capital and other provincial cities.

Finally, Christian Atama Tabe , Minister of National Defence, who stands and closes the march with 54.7% . The Congolese thus recognise the rise of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo by the series of victories that they align in the track of the negative forces in the east of the country and in the central region of the country, Of the Kasai.


The results obtained in this survey are evidence that Echos d’Opinion has achieved the goal of knowing how the Congolese respond to the first signals sent to them by the Government Bruno Tshibala.

The second satisfaction for the Bureau of Political Studies, Social Analysis and Opinion Survey, Echoes of Opinion is that this time there has been a hot tackle in the ranking of top ten members of the Executive Central location. This is a proof of the veracity of the fact that he has always asserted that the results of an opinion poll are not fixed but dynamic data.

In this publication, the names of the Ministers who have never appeared in the list have not only appeared, but above all, the people have set the bar very high. It should also be noted that the leading trio, which seems to be undetectable at the top of the ranking, has not only maintained itself, it has been very difficult to share it, as the results, as shown in the table, have been very tight .

For its part, Echos d’Opinion greets the Congolese for the interest they bring to their country whenever they are solicited. It also encourages all those who have any responsibility to assume because they need to know that their compatriots are observing them and know how to compensate them when the time comes.