The Virunga Mountains Community, would like to thank the Congolese Patriots, especially Rais Joseph Kabila Kabange, for having come up with a Vision, that will unite all Congolese regardless of their political ideology.This type of unity was overdue, and some of us were wondering when it will ever take place. Yes, the road is still rough, but we have to start moving and bring our people on that Common road-the Common Front for Congo(Front Commun pour le Congo ). Though some unpatriotic politicians might not see the logic, of it. But Patriotic Congolese do.



This Thursday, June 07, 2018, the President of the Republic, Head of State, HE Joseph Kabila Kabange presided at the Kingakati Natural Park the Final Meeting of the Government Retreat held on Thursday, April 12th.

Only one item was on the agenda:

Conclusion of the Retreat on the Assessment of the Political Situation in view of the upcoming elections in the face of the imperatives of peace and stability of the country as well as the action taken together during the first year of the Government led by the Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala Nzenzhe.

At the beginning, the Minister of State, Minister of Economy, presented the report of the Strategic Committee set up on April 12 on this subject and comprising members of the Council of Ministers from all the components of the National Union Government constituted by the Political and Social Forces signatories of the Comprehensive and Inclusive Political Agreement of December 31, 2016 and the Individual Arrangement of April 27, 2017 in order to evaluate their progress and think of strategies for the success of future actions taking into account the imperatives related to the electoral process and the continuation of the reconstruction of the country by the Congolese patriots themselves, whatever their political tendencies as well as ways and means to change the image of the Congolese political class, generally considered irresponsible and unable to reach a minimum consensus to safeguard the vital interests of the Nation.

The Committee on Strategic Government Retreat, which met met without delay since then, has drawn up for the Council of Ministers a number of political, economic, social, security and strategic challenges to which the Democratic Republic of Congo, its people and its institutions have to face in this pre-election period. Its cogitations revealed the imperative need to crystallise a powerful synergy of the forces of wisdom, intelligence and Congolese genius of all kinds in order to make peace, unity and unity possible. self-reliant development and stability in the service of national interests despite various external pressures.


That is why the Committee has proposed the creation of a great electoral political coalition called Common Front for the Congo, in abbreviation FCC, whose objective will be to allow its members to participate, on the basis of a common program. , to the democratic conquest of power at all levels in the next elections for which the members of the coalition will support a single candidacy for the presidential election.

It is understood that each member of this grand coalition retains its identity and autonomy while remaining subject to the discipline of the group and respectful of its duties as a member in respect of the Charter of the Common Front for Congo whose formal signature will intervene shortly. The President of the Republic Joseph Kabila Kabange is the Moral Authority of the Common Front for Congo because of his initiative and the unifying character of it.

The FCC remains open to political parties and groupings, independent personalities and civil society.

After discussions and deliberations, the Council of Ministers unanimously adopted this project.

Begun at 10.50 am, the Meeting of the Council of Ministers ended at 1300 hours.

Thank you.


Minister of Communication and Media,

Government Spokesperson

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