Despite the health crisis in which all the nations of the world are plunged, Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, President of the political party “Together for the Republic”, presented his wishes for Happy Easter to the Congolese population, Sunday April 12, 2020 through his Twitter account. For him, far from perceiving this pandemic as an evil chaos aimed at disrupting the economic parameters of DR Congo, on the other hand, he believes that it recalls and offers the possibility to the Congolese to join forces and intelligence on the path of development of the country. Deploring different crises, economic, political and social, the Chairman of Ensemble pour la République invites the intelligent class and the Congolese population to solidarity and the search for a common ideal for the benefit of the country. It would, in fact, be a reward allocated to national heroes, the Fathers and martyrs of Independence and, of course, the martyrs of Democracy. Below, read the full Happy Easter message.


My Dear Compatriots,

Despite the confinement imposed by COVID-19, I wish you all Happy Easter!

The virus prevents many of us from reuniting with our families to participate in Mass, to commune and to share the traditional Easter rest. By respecting the recommendations of the health authorities, we act responsibly and save lives. The renunciations demanded today are victories over the disease. Let’s be wise and disciplined!

To those who have lost a loved one, a relative, a loved one, a friend, an acquaintance, I offer my sincere condolences. This ordeal should make us see life as a gift. It instills in us the meaning of all its value. The extraordinary dedication of the medical and nursing staff exposed to COVID-19 shows us that of this health crisis, we can find the best.

Easter reminds us that Jesus, the Son of God, suffered his passion and gave his life, so that the most humiliated, the most vulnerable, the most tortured can, in their complete night, identify with him and find in comfort him. It is a call to renounce fatalism in the face of the distress in which too many of our compatriots live. It is a call to express our solidarity with all those, particularly in the east of the country, who are exposed to violence and insecurity.

In the light of the resurrection of Christ, we have an obligation to remain in the truth, to draw from our interior the energy necessary to surpass ourselves to build together a more just and united society. The deep transformation of the Congo to which we all aspire comes at this price!

To you my compatriots, whether you are a believer or not, keep confidence in yourself and in the Congolese genius that guided Simon Kimbangu, Kimpa Vita, Sister Anuarite, the Fathers of Independence, and all the martyrs of Democracy. At each difficult, it allowed us to raise our heads and demonstrate that we are a great nation. The future will be what we make of it.

Together, we will meet the challenges of COVID-19 disease, insecurity, misery and poverty to build a strong, prosperous and united Congo.

Happy Easter everyone!

Moses Katumbi