he Congolese United citizen movement,demands the repatriation of more than 1600 dependants of National Council for Renewal and Democracy( CNRD-UBWIYUNGE) FLN rebels that are confined in Nyamunyunyi province of South Kivu.

The humanitarian situation of Rebel dependants is worrying.There are several sick people among them. Many vulnerable people, the injured and pregnant women.

In Nyamunyunyi camp, we identified 1,619 dependants of CNRD / FLN rebels, women and children combined.

Their condition is precarious. They are in total vulnerability and Some are sick. 112 are unaccompanied children that are being cared  by the National Commission for Refugees, While  56 unaccompanied children are under the care of  International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

The Congolese want these dependants to return to their country. The Congolese no longer want foreign rebel camps in the Congo. They must be repatriated in accordance with the standards of international humanitarian law.

Joram Jojo