A good number of the United Nations Mission in Congo ,Kinshasa were some of the personalities to share the podium with the facilitator of the African Union on Tuesday 23 August, at the opening of the preparatory committee. This position was reaffirmed in the organisation press conference.

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Faced with the non-participation, at least at this level of some important politics, MONUSCO said to hold the Inclusiveness of this meeting. It recalls that dialogue is the only way out of the current political impasse in the DRC and declares that ” the launch of this work is only the beginning of a process that we hope more inclusive ”. Hence, he claims to invest for the reluctant might join the boat of dialogue.

Mom Sidikou

According to the 2277 resolution of the Security Council, this organization is going through Mom Sidikou, Special Representative of Ban Ki-Moon and member of the facilitation support group, continue its efforts in this direction with stakeholders in the framework of his good offices. During the weekly meeting, it was delivered as the reaction of the Secretary General of the United Nations following the official opening of the preparatory committee work by the former Togolese Prime. Ban Ki-Moon ” once again encourages all Congolese political actors to engage in good faith in an inclusive political dialogue to end the impasse surrounding the electoral process. ” It makes the same on all parties to avoid raising tensions and record violence in the country.

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” Facilitating the work does not stop with the launch … We will continue our efforts to iron out the views … we do not stop because that dialogue must be inclusive, ” argued, in essence, as an aside, Felix Prosper low, civilian spokesman MONUSCO and host of the said conference. The general consensus is often difficult to obtain. And already the perfect conditions do not exist. Several political parties of the opposition attended the opening of the Preparatory Committee’s work and, in addition, participate. It is quite normal that different voices are heard. But the United Nations Mission in Congo intends to invest to push each other to the point privileged: the supreme good of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Welcomes MONUSCO

It is with joy that the UN mission is hats off to all organizations and constitutions that have and are investing or performs acts capable of bringing the Congolese parties around a table. In particular, the CENCO for consultations etc. And the government for easing measures taken so far to ” engage in open political dialogue and inclusive ”.


Dialogue is the best way out of the political impasse. Hence, the United Nations, via the MONUSCO take the opportunity to appeal to political actors across all sensitivities, including those who are still reluctant to join the process, to engage in this way. Thus, the United Nations Mission in the Congo she recalls the provisions of Article 8 of Resolution 2277 of the UN Security Council. The Government and all other parties involved in the DRC conflict are urged them to create conditions for a proper election process, free and transparent political debate and that ensure the core values of democracy. Namely, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of assembly, equal access to the media, including those owned by the state, …