Always at the forefront in the fight against Covid-19, Senator Guy Loando, through his Widal Foundation, never stops asking for solidarity actions during this difficult time for everyone. He proceeded, this Friday, May 15, to the distribution of food to the students of the universities and Higher Institutes of Kinshasa, who lodge in the homes during this period of confinement decreed by the Government.Senator Guy LoandoGombe Higher Pedagogical Institute, Higher Institute of Architecture and Town Planning, Academy of Fine Arts, … in total, 9 universities, more than 1000 students, are beneficiaries of this great surge of solidarity. In the same afternoon, it was the turn of the National Institute for the Blind, INAV located within the Center for the Disabled on avenue des Huileries, in the commune of Gombe. There, he packed up: food, masks, mattresses and an envelope.

Food and masks for interns in confinement

Hundreds of cartons of chickens, several dozen bags of rice and beans, cartons of boxes of tomatoes, several liters of vegetable oil were distributed among the men of the students who remained in confinement. The sharing ceremony took place at the boarding school of the Gombe Higher Pedagogical Institute, in the presence of the students housed on this site.Senator Guy Loando

Speaking, the Honorable Senator Guy Loando said that it was not easy for him to speak since the action he had just taken was part of the momentum of solidarity desired by the Head of State, during this period when the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic is rife in our country.

He adds that the whole world is also struck, that we did not know, and that this disease has come to change people’s lives. Notwithstanding this situation, he did not fail to display his optimism with the awareness that things were going to improve and that efforts would be made in that direction, because it is necessary to end the year that ‘we have already started.Senator Guy Loando

As for the purpose of his trip, the lawyer specified: “in this great surge of solidarity, I came to share with students, in confinement, in homes, this some food as well as protective masks to barrier the Covid- 19. Some are separated from their parents who may be in the provinces, and others go through really difficult times. I was also a student like you. “Senator Guy Loando

Before leaving, Guy Loando took the opportunity to invite students to read and reflect on the “Reflection Forum” where many problems were discussed and solutions proposed for the good management of post-Covid-19 . And what the country will be like after the crisis.
For her part, Brenda Monkango, the student representative, said that she was honored by the gesture made by the honorable senator to whom she presented the most sincere thanks on behalf of student coordination.

“From today, I become Ambassador of people living with disabilities”!

Right after the tour of the universities and classical higher institutes, Senator Guy Loando went to the National Institute for the Blind, INAV, in initials, where the emotion was very strong. It should be noted that this establishment trains blind people at the primary, secondary and even higher level.Senator Guy Loando

According to the words of Mr. Rio, project manager of the INAV, this is where the blind were confined. For the most part, those who spend the night under the stars. But, he not only advocated on behalf of the blind, but also for all people living with disabilities.

Rio let their distinguished host know that the blind man doesn’t want to ask, he also wants to work. He recalled the difficult living conditions of his peers who, since the authorities suspended traffic from Beach Ngobila, have once again invaded the boulevard, begging.

Sometimes they are parents who no longer have the means to support their families. He explained that the residents of this site sleep on the floor, are not supplied with drinking water by Regideso, have no wash basins or soap.Senator Guy Loando

This is why they do not know how to respect certain barrier measures to the Covid-19. If necessary, he wanted the honorable senator to endow their centers with fire hydrants as he has done everywhere else. The representative of these vulnerable compatriots had also raised the point in relation to their medical care.

He said he had serious problems related to access to care for the simple reason that their hospital structure lacked everything, down to the simple pill.

Same story with Israel Kabongo, a blind man, but a law student at a local university who, above all, complained about the lack of academic fees, the absence of certain exemptions in the university establishments where they enroll people with disabilities, and no one remembers that there are blind people at that level of education.

So their social situation is far from easy. Finally, all of them charged Senator Guy Loando to be their interpreter, better still their ambassador to the authorities of the country.Senator Guy Loando

Touched, he did not hide his emotions. Coming with an idea, that of taking actions in relation to the momentum of solidarity, here he finds another. That is to say new realities which impose themselves. It is in this spirit that he solemnly declares: “From today, I become an ambassador for people living with disabilities! “

The statement sparked cheers from the audience. He went so far as to demonstrate his willingness to plead the cause of these vulnerable people, whether in the media or in political communications.Senator Guy Loando

Here, the Senator was reassuring: “Since you’re all the intellectual cream here, you only need support and guidance. I solemnly declare to you that this becomes my struggle. We will plan actions to be taken. And I will get in touch with the Ministry of Social Affairs. Because, it will be necessary, that there is a global solution. I promise nothing, but I act! “

100 mattresses offered to the vulnerable

From tick to tick, the leader of Widal Foundation immediately reacted to the concerns of people living with disabilities who said they spent the night on pieces of cardboard because of the promiscuity. An offer of 100 mattresses was made. It caused cries of joy. With the aim of coming to share food and protective masks with them, in addition to an envelope for needs expressed on the spot, Guy Loando finds new realities which he immediately registers in this surge of solidarity. Because everyone has to get their hands dirty.