The government, through the ministry of health, proceeds to release the patients retained in DRC public hospitals for non-payment of bills.

Symbolically, Doctor Eteni Longondo released this Saturday May 9, 2020 the people who were stranded at the general reference hospital of Kinshasa (ex Maman Yemo).

According to the Minister of Health, this operation concerns all the hospitals of the country and the patients retained in all the medical services for lack of financial means.HOSPITALS

“The government, on the orders of the President of the Republic, had decided to release all the sick, not only the children and women who gave birth, but all the sick who were unable to pay their bills. “today we have come to free all the patients here at Maman Yemo hospital and it is the government that will take care of all these bills. All the patients who are here because of non-payment of the bills are released and can already go to their place, “he said.

At the same time, Dr Longondo asked all the managing physicians of the hospitals to send him the invoices which are not honored by their patients.

Note that the Ministry of Health recently endowed the 3 large hospitals in Kinshasa, namely the University Clinics, the Ngaliema Clinic and the Maman Yemo Hospital with operating costs estimated at 3 billion Congolese francs, to compensate for the shortfalls due to Covid-19.