The peace agreement between the DR Congo and the Ituri Patriotic Resistance Force (FRPI) was finalised on Monday January 21 in Kinshasa after a meeting chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of Justice and Guard Tunda Ya Kasende seals at the start of the afternoon in his study.Patriotic Resistance Force (FRPI)

This meeting in which the VPM participated in the Elysée Munembwe plan, the Minister of State for Decentralisation, Azarias Ruberwa, the Minister of the Middle Class, SMEs and crafts, Justin Kalumba, extended to heads of security services and experts, aimed to finalize this long-awaited peace agreement by the people of Ituri province in the eastern part of the DRC.

During an interview granted at the end of this meeting, the VPM of the Elysée Munembwe Plan indicated that this peace agreement as finalized will very soon be sent to Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba who will set a date for his signature.Patriotic Resistance Force (FRPI)

“There was talk during this meeting of finalising the peace agreement which will be signed very soon between the Congolese Government and the Patriotic Resistance Force of Ituri. The Government considered that a final reading should be made by the law commission. This is how we thought of associating the army through its officers, the members of the government who are there and the experts of the public services of the state, “she said.Patriotic Resistance Force (FRPI)

According to the VPM of the Plan, the stage of signing this salutary agreement will take place unless unforeseen in Geti, in the southern part of the territory of Irumu, in Ituri, between the Congolese side and the representatives of the Patriotic Resistance Force from Ituri (DRC).