Several Rwandan subjects fraudulently cross the borders between Rwanda and the DRC on the side of the province of South Kivu for trade reasons.

These subjects being mainly cattle sellers that  infiltrate via the Ruzizi river and others across the coast of Lake Kivu.

This alert was confirmed by Rigobert Bamba, president of the union committee of the Muhazi Beach market.Rwandans

“We see some Rwandan subjects arriving with cows and goats here at the Muhazi Beach market. They are fraudulently crossing the borders of the province. We do not know if they are in good health or not. We fear the importation and the large-scale spread of the Coronavirus pandemic here at the market, “he said.

This fraudulent crossing of Rwandan subjects via the coast of Lake Kivu is also criticized by Ishungu civil society in Birava.

Contacted, Lwabanji Lwasingabo, provincial Minister of the Interior points out that he has already instructed the specialized services to discourage this practice.

Lwabanji Lwasingabo regrets that some residents of South Kivu facilitate the fraudulent entry of Rwandans and promises sanctions against those who are caught.

At the same time, he recalls that the entry of foodstuffs into the province of South Kivu must be done according to official procedures.

It should be recalled that the province of South Kivu recorded on Sunday March 29, 2020, 2 first positive cases of Coronavirus Covid-19.