The unthinkable did happen to a Congolese political giant! The fact that the name of the former Minister of Land Affairs, Lumeya dhu Maleghi, did not end up on the list of elected National Deputies of Kwilu Province was unimaginable for many people who assured him of having massively voted. At Kikwit, he embodies the image of a personality almost unmistakable for years. After the Constitutional Court, judicial institution empowered to manage the electoral disputes of the Legislative, has studied the various cases on a case by case basis, it follows that he has been reinstated in his rights and proclaimed National Deputy for the present legislature.Lumeya Dhu Maleghi

After working as a national elected for two terms, Mr. Lumeya will sit for the third time in a row in the lower house of the Congolese Parliament. The verdict fell on Saturday, May 18, 2019, with the jubilation and spontaneous rejoicings of the faithful and militants of the Dynamics for Democracy in Congo, but also of all the nationals of his stronghold of Kikwit, in the province of Kwilu. For many, by rehabilitating it, Congolese justice has proved that it still has a good sense of credibility and fairness.

Women and children, young and old, stormed all the main entries of the capital of Kwilu province, brandishing twigs, hissing, tapping pots and pans. For the faithful of Lumeya, this is the victory of the truth about the lie.

In Kikwit, indeed, beyond the election without comments of Adolphe Muzito, his main rival, Lumeya dhu Maleghi had achieved an unprecedented score. Except that the electoral centre had ignored or pretended to ignore the real results. Which results today are recognised clear and loud by the Constitutional Court.

The Kikwitois had very badly digested the failure of the Ceni by Ceni, while all the Kikwit voters knew that the defender of their causes had been elected. However, ” we strongly applaud the decision of the Constitutional Court. It has restored the evidence and the truth of the facts, “said a notable of the largest city of the former province of Bandundu, happy with this decision. Before being completed by a matron of the Lukeni commune: “Fortunately, justice has confused the authors of this dirty cabal”.Lumeya Dhu Maleghi

Meanwhile, Kikwit is still celebrating and is awaiting the triumphant arrival of Master Lumeya dhu Maleghi to celebrate his victory over the truth about lies. Today, the Kwilois who sealed an inseparable marriage with Lumeya dhu Maleghi, will still see during this quadrennium, his unforgettable silhouette haunt the corridors and rooms of the people’s palace.

According to many residents of this country, Lumeya had made a remarkable electoral campaign, but also, enjoyed the confidence of the Kikwitois who had not forgotten all its considerable contributions to their social welfare. Thus, to see him deprived of a third term did not pass easily in their eyes.

That’s what democracy is all about!