Kasai, Kasai Central, Kasai Oriental, Lomami and Sankuru will no longer suffer from the throes of militiamen operating under the Kamuina Nsapu label. The task has been difficult, but it is well done. Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Security, under President Kabila, completed the peace process in that part of the country. It is the forum on peace, reconciliation and development of the Great Kasai which is, in fact, the last phase of this marathon of peace.


From September 19 to 21, in Kananga, capital of Central Kasai Province, officials, notables, customary chiefs and other personalities reflected on the after phenomenon Kamuina Nsapu. Jacques Kabeya Ntumba, the new Bajila Kasanga customary chief who asked for forgiveness on behalf of the entire ruling family, led a reconciliation ceremony in which all Kasaïen space chiefs pledged to allow only crimes are committed again. The participants in the forum, after the work in five commissions, produced recommendations aimed at consolidating peace, cementing reconciliation but, above all, leading the Grand Kasaï to sustainable development.


Aimed at finding solutions to restore state authority and the cessation of all forms of barbarism, to re-establish the human fabric of conviviality and to identify the patterns of economic recovery for the sustainable social and human development of the Kasaïen space , the Kananga conference was attended by the active forces estimated at 801 people from five provinces of the Kasaïen space. Kasai, Kasai Central, Kasai Oriental, Lomami and Sankuru, joined by a strong delegation from Kinshasa, composed of the leaders of the national institutions, including the President of the National Assembly, the President of the Senate , the President of the Constitutional Court, the Prime Minister, Deputies and Senators, as well as members of the Government, ambassadors and finally representatives of international organisations including MONUSCO.


With the aim of putting an end to the clearly visible conflicts in the Kasai area, the customary chiefs of five provinces in this space have risen to deal together now all the questions likely to put them in conflict. All these new orientations were taken at the close of the Forum on Peace, Reconciliation and Development in this space on Thursday 21 September in Kananga. By making this solemn pledge in front of everyone, the customary chiefs of the Grand Kasai area have proclaimed the rehabilitation of the “Tshiota” in its traditional status of culture of peace and friendliness in the family, clan and community . This act of non-aggression by the traditional authorities puts an end to the hatchet of war in this part of the national territory of the DRC. They swear to the last energy that any person animated by a very bad faith, who will have the luxury of turning away from this signed pact, will suffer the fate reserved for traitors. Opened by the President of the Republic, the Forum on Peace was closed by Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala Nzenzhe, who received peace signings by Prince Mpandi’s successor, former Kamuina Nsapu.