The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) foiled an attack by Mai-Mai militiamen on the prison of the military prosecutor near the military court of North Kivu, garrison of Beni, on the night of Saturday 11 to Sunday January 12, 2020.

Prison sources told us that the attackers intended to forcibly release the detainees in the said prison house. They were quickly pushed back.

During the attack, heavy and light weapons were heard for several minutes, thus plunging the population into uncertainty.

“We heard heavy and light weapons. I am a neighbour in the dungeon of the audience. The men’s cries were heard towards my cafeteria. I saw through the window 4 men at the threshold of the bar, but the firepower of the FARDC elements overturned them towards the place, ”testified Furaha Mwenge, owner of a cafeteria near the place targeted.

She claimed to have noted the destruction of her property in the exchange of fire.

Unofficial sources in the region also indicate that a militiaman is believed to have been put out of action by loyalist forces.

The population also congratulates the FARDC forces who came as reinforcements to limit the damage.

This Sunday, the situation is relatively calm and under the control of the army.