The Regional Social Security Forum for Africa was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and was attended by the Director General of the INSS, Agnès Mwad Nawej. Organised by the International Security Association, ISSA, at the invitation of the Office of Social Security of the Ethiopian Civil Service, this Forum was an opportunity for the various participants to exchange information and analyse the challenges social security priorities in Africa, and identify concrete solutions in this area. But, also, to award the AISS prizes for good practices for Africa to certain African institutions including the National Institute of Social Security-INSS-, which, with its system of mutualisation or single window, has won the certificate of merit for the presentation of this good practice.

Social Security Forum

From Addis Ababa, on the sidelines of the very important Forum focused on global challenges for social security, a Social Security Summit for Africa was held attended by Ministers, senior officials as well as representatives of international organisations for presentations and debate on priority policies and actions for building and improving comprehensive and sustainable social security systems.

There was also another focal point, the Award of Excellence for Social Security Administration.

The objective here was to enable participants to share their knowledge of proven practices in the priority areas of social security administration in Africa. Work sessions were organised around various themes.

This forum was particularly dominated by the presentation of the Good Practice Awards in Social Security for Africa 2017. Some institutions selected by an international jury based in Geneva received these ISSA prizes. Among the many social security institutions of the continent that competed, INSS has imposed its leadership on several other African institutions, and has received a certificate of merit for the presentation of its good practice entitled: “Systems of mutualisation of management the declaration and payment of taxes, social contributions and employer contributions on remuneration “, with 10% in 2016 and 20% in the first half of 2017.

This system, it should be emphasised, is an experience of mutualisation of two aspects of management, namely the declaration and payment of taxes, social contributions and employer contributions on remuneration between 4 public institutions which are the DGI, the INSS , INPP and ONEM.

On this occasion, the INSS wanted to present and share this experience because of its conformity with the relevant ISSA guidelines and its positive impact in improving the social coverage rate, the contribution base. and in increasing the recovery rate.

Mrs Agnès Mwad, Director General of the INSS was invited to expose at this forum on this good practice retained and awarded for the benefit of other sister institutions of the continent. For her, ” it is undeniable that this certificate of merit is the result of the efforts made by all the staff, agents, managers and leaders of the INSS, to testify that the management of our institution is a national and international reference . This certificate of merit must therefore encourage each of us to achieve innovation and performance for social security in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “she added