In strict compliance with its mission as the body for monitoring and safeguarding the New Year’s Eve Agreement, the National Monitoring Committee of the Agreement of 31 December 2016, CNSA, under the leadership of Mr. Joseph Olenghankoy , Chair of the Committee, met yesterday, Tuesday 31 October 2017, in Plenary Assembly with all members of the Bureau. This plenary, which lasted about 6 hours, had as its nobility, proceed to the mid-term evaluation of the application of the New Year’s Eve Agreement, from the date of its signature until today before to determine the willingness of each party to fulfil its task. At the end of this nth meeting, the Plenary Assembly of the CNSA notes with satisfaction the willingness of the Government, in relation to its sovereign power, to accept the application of the relaxation measures related to the relaxation of prisoners, the duplication of political parties and the opening of closed media.

It is around the three essential points that the members of the CNSA office focused their critical review on the New Year’s Eve Agreement, namely: the evaluation of the recommendations of the work of the tripartite that took place on 14 as of 18 October, the easing measures resulting from the New Year’s Eve Agreement and the hosting of the strong delegation of experts from the African Union.

To this end, the Plenary Assembly, through the mouth of the CNSA Rapporteur, Valentin Vangi, did not go to extremes to affirm, without hesitation, the good will of the government to go in the direction of materialising these measures. in particular, with regard to the relaxation of political prisoners still in detention, the splitting up of political parties and, finally, the opening of closed media. According to the Rapporteur, the Agreement had foreseen the establishment of three (3) Commissions which should work for follow-up with different Ministries concerned by the Agreement but also with the tripartite in order to submit to the working groups of each component their conclusions. Accordingly, the plenary notes with satisfaction that palpable efforts are being made with regard to the relaxation of the points mentioned above and that, in a short time, we will not fail to draw convincing or satisfactory results. Regarding the work of the tripartite CNSA-CENI-Government, human work is still perfectible, reminds the Plenary Assembly through the General Rapporteur. According to him, ” we are only at the beginning ”. Because, he insists, as much as there were things to improve, as much as what was done, was not in a hazardous way. It inevitably helps to learn new lessons for better in the future according to the will of the Accord. Regarding the presence of a strong delegation of African experts in the facilities of the CNSA, the office is delighted by the warm welcome it has given to its guests as the AU is a significant partner, not only accompanies the electoral process but also always lavishes wise advice to the Congolese to love their country and not destroy what has been acquired in advance for the benefit of all.