At the beginning of December 2016, the Lulua-Bashilange Community of Tshikapa experienced sad events that plunged several families of its members, which were caused by non-natives originating elsewhere and settled on its land Since the time of the late Forminiere, who have abused the hospitality offered to them by the Grands Chefs KABEYA LUMBU and MAYI MUNENE, the only land masters of the city of Tshikapa and the territory of the same name.

Indeed, for a trivial inheritance conflict, the MBAWU family of the Bashila Kasanga of the Dibaya territory, currently resident in the Tshikapa Sector, enlisted militiamen who attacked the town of Tshikapa and also attacked people, To state property as well as to the Catholic Church in the Tshikapa Sector, without sparing anyone who was against their mad murderous adventure.

The Lulua-Bashilange Community of Tshikapa, whose members have a high sense of peace according to their age-old ancestral culture, condemns with the utmost energy the recent murderous clashes on the land of its ancestors without the agreement or participation Of its notables.
The Lulua-Bashilange Community of Tshikapa recalls that the manipulation of its members for any reason is unacceptable and reprehensible. She feels deeply betrayed by all non-natives who have violated all the rules of hospitality.
The Lulua-Bashilange Community of Tshikapa considers that the non-natives, by these facts and unreflected acts, no longer deserve his confidence.
The Lulua-Bashilange Community of Tshikapa also thanks all the national and provincial political and military authorities for putting an end to the murderous madness of certain girls and misguided sons. She congratulates our valiant defense and security forces for their bravery and professionalism.
Finally, the Lulua-Bashilange Community of Tshikapa expresses its sincere thanks to the President of the Republic, Head of State, His Excellency Joseph KABILA KABANGE, for his personal involvement in restoring peace throughout the country In general and in Tshikapa in particular. She took this opportunity to renew her gratitude.

Done at Tshikapa on 15 December 2016.